With the government's announcement for stage 3 opening in Peel region we can open the indoor range starting August 3, 2020

The following amplifies the existing regulations regarding the use of the club facilities during the pandemic - social distancing and personal protection.

Note: All members within the clubhouse shall sign in; forgetful members shall be reminded three times; repeat offenders shall have their fob deactivated or other disciplinary penalties.

As the clubhouse is not staffed as a business is it is challenging to control the number of archers using the inside range; we shall use the tournament booking system so archers can book a 4-hour window of use; signing up for a time slot has no fee, it's for scheduling purposes. The address is at the end of this email.

Flow of traffic:

  • ¬†signing in - progress directly to the range
  • using the washrooms shall remain one way, regardless of the weather - exit by the patio door
  • exit out of the range via the doors on north side or by garage
  • no entry into the clubhouse shall occur from the garage entry or the north side doors

Range doors to the foyer shall be propped open

The bow cupboard shall remain off limits until a purchase of individual-use strings is made; at such time coaches or students may purchase these individual-use strings and use shared equipment;

A wall and a table shall be placed in every second lane, as a physical barrier and place for archers to setup. Sanitizer shall be used on the table before and after an archer used a lane. The walls shall not be moved

One archer, or two archers of a single family/social bubble, per every second lane; the unused lanes shall have the butts removed. If there are more archers than lanes then they shall set up in turns, shoot in turns, and retrieve arrows in turns.

Remaining walls can be used to provide close access to the butts; this shall be lanes 9&10

The bow stands shall be removed; the table and/or extra space with every second lane shall be used

The viewing deck and surplus chairs and tables may be removed, the final decision on this is pending.

Bow saw and bow presses may be used, sanitizer shall be used before and after use

April White
on behalf of the Board of Directors