REMINDER – Club Rules and Regulations (COVID19)

As we move into the colder months of winter, it is important that all rules are adhere to. There have been some reports of members not abiding by rules such as not wearing a mask inside the clubhouse, not observing occupancy limits of 10 indoors or using designated tables to store equipment while not shooting indoors.

As the Archers of Caledon is situated in the Region of Peel, recent restrictions imposed in the modified Stage 2 must be adhered to. These are not rules set by the Board but by the Provincial Government and if these are not followed, not only are other members possibly at risk, but if a by-law officer were to visit the club and observe these issues, the club is at risk of being fined or even shutdown.

A summary of rules can be found below, but it is everyone’s responsibility to remain current on the ever changing situation.

Some useful websites to stay up to date are 

  1. ALL members must wear a mask inside the clubhouse. The only time the mask can be removed is when on the shooting line actively shooting a bow. Retrieval of arrows, working on equipment or any other time, everyone must wear a mask.
  2. Occupancy limits are 10 indoors and/or 25 outdoors. These totals cannot be combined to increase the limit, so no more than 25 people may be on the property at one time.
    • To aid in ensuring limits are adhered to, the indoor range booking link must be used. Members must book the time slot they wish to shoot at. If all spots are taken for a given time slot, no other members may shoot indoors at that time. There is no fee associated with booking a time slot.
    • In the event a member shows up at the club without reserving a shooting time, there may be the possibility of the member being denied access if 10 people are already present.
      • If a member arrives with a reservation and 10 people are already present in the clubhouse, the member with the reservation takes priority and any member who does not have a reservation must vacate the clubhouse.
  3. Range doors are to remain propped open
  4. A wall and a table have been placed in every second lane, as a physical barrier and place for archers to setup. Sanitizer shall be used on the table before and after an archer uses the shooting lane.
    • Walls and tables are not to be moved!!!!
    • Remaining walls can be used to provide closer access to a target butt, or the mobile target is to be moved closer to the shooting line
  5. One archer (two archers of a single family/social bubble) may shoot in their designated lane. If two archers not in a family/social bubble are sharing a lane, shooting and arrow retrieval must be rotated so that no more than one person is on the line or directly at the target butt at the same time.
  6. Bow saw and bow presses may be used, sanitizer must be used before and after.
  7. For members shooting outside, bow cases are not to be stored on tables designated for shooters using the indoor range.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please send them directly to the board at

Thank you
TAOC Board of Directors