Reopening of The Archers of Caledon May 19th, 2020

First of all many thanks to all members for your patience and understanding since the club was closed March 19 in compliance with the Ontario State of Emergency to contain the Covid-19 virus.

On Thursday May 14th Premier Ford announced the first phase of relaxing some of the restrictions imposed by the State of Emergency. This announcement may be viewed in the following link:

The reopening of The Archers of Caledon, effective Tuesday May 19, is described under the heading “Individual recreational sports” contained in the announcement.

Please be aware of the following conditions and responsibilities of members when using club facilities under the terms of this announcement.  These conditions and responsibilities may be updated in the coming weeks as circumstances warrant or dictated by the regional, provincial, or national governments, or by Archery Ontario or Archery Canada.

Personal Protection
There will be sanitizer by the sign-in book and in the bathrooms, and we are arranging sanitizing stations, however until these are in place archers are responsible for their own person protection gear - masks and sanitizers.

Club property or premises are not to be accessed or used by members who are not feeling well, or display any symptoms that have been extensively reported in the media.

Only members in good standing are permitted to use club facilities, no guests or visitors are allowed.  Youth members may be accompanied by a single guardian.

Club House
The clubhouse front door lock will accept member fobs as of May 23.

Sign-in is required under the terms of our group insurance. Please use the hand sanitizer located beside the log book before and after you sign in.

The clubhouse is to be used only for the washroom facilities; one person per washroom at a time. Access or use of the indoor range, kitchen, vending machines, and lounge are not permitted. All of these facilities will be barred with yellow caution tape.  Board members may enter the indoor range or lounge as circumstances warrant, for example to access the garage.

To improve the movement of foot traffic within the clubhouse enter by the front door and exit by the patio side door.  We will place arrow marks on the floor to facilitate this.

The garage will have limited access for the foreseeable time period, please contact a board member if access is needed.

Physical Distancing
Members are to maintain 2m minimum separation between each other at all times.  When this is not practical masks shall be worn. Only one person at a time per target is permitted from each shooting position at either the tournament target range, or the field practice range. A maximum of two lines may be conducted, resulting in a maximum of two shooters arrows per target butt.

For the field course a maximum of two people in a group is permitted, while keeping 2m separation at each shooting position.

Archery Ontario's guidelines dictate 3m between target centres, at this moment there are a dozen tournament butts set up on the tournament range however they are less than 3m separation.  Archers who use the range this week must use every second butt; the butts will be repositioned Saturday.

These targets are placed on the old 90m mark, to facilitate ease of access for the grounds maintenance, and shall remain there pending review of range use.

Arrow Retrieval
It is recommended that each archer draws only their own arrows from the butt. Contact with the target or target butt should be minimized to the degree possible. Frequent use of hand sanitizer is encouraged as appropriate to the shooting conditions.

If feasible do not place your free hand only a target face while removing arrows, rather "put your back to it".

Spring Maintenance
The Board has no plans for maintenance involving the general membership.  That said there will be some maintenance done in advance of the reopening, including the setting up of extra butts on the Tournament range.  There will be adequate space between these distances.

In conclusion
Should you have any questions or clarifications relating to this announcement, please contact

Archers of Caledon Board Members