Special General Meeting

The Board of Directors of the Archers of Caledon is calling a special general meeting pursuant to bylaws, for Sunday, August 30th at 1PM

Due to COVID19 restrictions allowing a maximum of 50 people indoors, the number of members in attendance will be limited to 44 plus the six board members.  Full members shall be given priority for the purpose of voting.

** Members must be in good standing to attend**

Full and associate family members are requested that only one family member be present.

The SGM will be held within the clubhouse, all present shall wear a suitable mask as outlined by provincial and regional policies.

Club meeting policies:

  • seating shall be set up in advance, chairs are not to be moved
  • while seated members may remove their mask; it is requested this not be done until the meeting is convened
  • refreshments will not be provided, however members are permitted to bring their own
  • hard-copies of reports will not be available; members may request a digital copy in advance to print themselves
  • for the purpose of meeting attendance, in lieu of signing the registry members shall swipe their fob
  • and other guidelines as warranted

An agenda item is proposed changes to the bylaws, to be ratified by full members or rejected.

Bylaws dictate that notice showing the text of the Board’s resolution to be submitted to the meeting must be given to the Members by prepaid mail or electronic mail at least ten days before the meeting and the meeting may confirm the resolution, or amend it, or reject it (Section 32 Parg 1)

A full digital copy of the proposed changes will be available to members who request it.